Welcome to Dr. Caleb Lack's Science, Pseudoscience, & Critical Thinking!

Astrology. Psychics. Alternative medicine. UFOs. Rarely does one get through a day without being exposed in some manner to what noted magician and skeptic James Randi refers to as "woo-woo" - ideas that rely on very flimsy (or no) evidence and/or mystical, supernatural explanations. Unfortunately, however, very few of us are adequately armed in the realm of critical thinking, logic, and scientific skepticism to be able appropriately confront those pushing such nonsense. That's where this book comes in.

This online text is an collaboration between myself and students at the University of Central Oklahoma. The purpose of this is to help people understand how and why we are fooled, by both ourselves and those around us, and then show how those explanations can be applied to the vast realm of beliefs and ideas typically labeled as non- or pseudoscientific. As can be seen below, numerous topics fall under this heading. Please use the links below to jump to a specific chapter.

1. Defining science and pseudoscience
2. Why we can’t trust our brains
3. Why we can’t trust our world
4. Aliens and abductions
5. Ghosts, spirits, and demons
6. Psychic powers and ESP
7. Witches and the supernatural
8. Alternative Medicine I: Whole Medical Systems
9. Alternative Medicine II: Mind-body medicine
10. Alternative Medicine III: Biologically-based
11. Alternative Medicine IV: Manipulative
12. Alternative Medicine V: Energy Medicine
13. Cryptozoology I: Land animals
14. Cryptozology II: Water animals
15. Intelligent Design & Creation Science
16. Rewriting the past and pseudohistory
17. Conspiracy theories
18. Fraudulent psychological treatments
19. Advertising and persuading people to buy
20. Food science, nutrition, and diet
21. The apocalypse and end of the world theories
22. Education, teaching, and learning

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